Since most people will be trying to get back into fitness after the holiday season, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a post on what you should have in your gym bag!

Whether you have come straight from work or have somewhere to be after, there a few things that I always find handy to keep in my gym bag.


Mattifying powder

I always keep a mattifying powder in my gym bag as I find it helpful to quickly apply to my face after a sweat session. Not only does it control shine and sweat, it also makes your makeup look a little fresher, perfect if you need to be somewhere after the gym. My favourite is the Nude By Nature Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil.

Lip balm

I pretty much keep a lip balm in every bag I own and my gym bag is no exception! One of my favourite lip balms to keep on hand is the Blistex Ultra Lip Balm.


Seems like a pretty obvious one but it is important to remember to keep deodorant with you to freshen up after your gym session.


Cheek and lip tint

I am a sucker for 2-in-1 products and so I love lip tints that can also be used as cream blushes. I love having one of these in my gym bag, especially if I have to go somewhere after my workout. Just a little blended over your cheeks and lips will instantly make you look more put together and enhance the natural sweaty flush a good workout gives you! My favourite is the Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip in the colour Humble Brag.


Lastly it is always important to remember to bring food to replenish your energy after your workout. I like to have a protein bar or some fruit handy to have after the gym.

Also don’t forget water, a sweat towel and some good music to complete your workout session!

Do you have anything that you always throw in your gym bag?

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14 thoughts on “GYM BAG ESSENTIALS

  1. seaandstyleblog

    I’ve just started to do exercise classes again after a bit of a cheeky break 🙂 I swear one of the benefits is that I take faster and faster to put makeup on after 🙂 ! Lovely post !! ❤


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