Hello lovlies, welcome back to my blog! Today I have a review of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette to share with you. This palette is part of the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection that launched last year and you can pick this up from Mecca in Australia for $61.

This palette comes in the most adorable peach coloured packaging that includes a decent sized mirror. I had heard mixed reviews about this palette but decided that I really wanted to try it for myself. As with the rest of the products in this line, this palette is infused with peach and smells absolutely amazing!

The glow palette includes a blush, bronzer and a highlight shade. I’d heard many people say that the palette had hardly any pigmentation and they couldn’t seem to get the shades to show up on their skin but, having lighter skin, I decided that maybe it was the perfect palette for me.



The bronzer is a really nice light shade and I’m obsessed with the way it looks on my skin! It gives such a lovely glow whilst also adding a nice sun kissed bronze look. I can see why some people may find it too light for them and wouldn’t recommend this to those with deeper skin tones but for those with fair to light skin, this would be perfect!

The blush shade also had a beautiful glow to it and looked so nice applied to my cheekbones. It gives just the right amount of colour without being too pigmented or overpowering.

I was very excited to try the highlight shade and I was not disappointed. It added the most gorgeous peachy-toned glow to my cheeks and looked amazing when it caught the light. It gives off a really nice soft-glow look and is not glittery at all.

L to R: Highlight, Blush, Bronzer

I’m so glad I picked up this palette and gave it a chance as I absolutely love it! The shades are so perfect for my skin tone and they blend flawlessly on my face. If you like super pigmented products or have a deeper skin tone I’m not sure that you will get along with this palette, otherwise I highly recommend checking it out!

Have you tried this palette? What were your thoughts?

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      1. I think many beauty addicts will say this haha! Unless, we are forced due to circumstances (say we don’t have any storage anymore or the BF is getting crazy when he sees the piles of new stuff or maybe it’s a financial situation), we don’t actually go on a No Buy… I do miss buying myself some make up… I think, it’s been only 3 weeks. I’m showing some withdrawals symptoms haha… xoxo Sarah

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