Hey guys welcome back to my blog or if this is your first visit, welcome! Today’s post is a little different but I’m hopefully going to be introducing some new things to my blog in the coming months so I hope you enjoy it.

Today I want to talk about the importance of beauty from the inside out. With an abundance of makeup and beauty products on the market today, it can be easy to forget the other ways in which we can help our bodies to feel and look their best.

Feeling fresh and healthy is always something that has been really important to me and I have found that making an effort to do a few simple things really keeps me feeling this way.

Keeping fit and healthy is something that I genuinely enjoy and love doing. Whatever type of activity you like to do, your body will thank you for it! Whether that’s an intense gym session or a slow walk on the beach, any way you choose to move is wonderful. My favourite things to do are going to the gym, walking or simply stretching. It helps to destress me and keeps me feeling healthy.

Eating healthy is always something that has come easy to me. I love fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure I eat a generous serving of them everyday. Not only does this keep my body feeling great, I also notice how well it helps my skin. It keeps my skin clear, fresh and glowy! I also make sure to drink plenty of water.

Taking time to chill out and have some down time is also something I think is important. Life is so hectic these days that sometimes we forget how much our bodies appreciate some rest. My favourite ways to do this include reading a book, watching Netflix, having a nice hot bath or even just listening to music.

Spending time with my family is one of my favourite things to do. They are the most important people in my life and just having a conversation with them is something that I find so grounding. Sharing a laugh with my family immediately makes me feel ten times better!

To me, feeling beautiful on the inside is all about keeping myself healthy and making sure I take time to destress.

What does beauty from the inside out mean to you?

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